Walking the Dog

There are several things in life that we should teach our children. Manners, morals, a solid work ethic, the ability to show love, the ability to speak in front of people, looking someone in the eyes when talking, and walking the dog with a top water. All of these things listed are good recipes for success in life, and working a Super Spook in the infamous side to side pattern probably is at the top for generating results.

We finally got our boat back from the disaster of Texas Marine with a new motor, new seats, new coolers, new leaning posts, new trim tabs, and new gel coat compliments of their incompetency. We made a short weekday evening trip down to Matagorda this week to run the boat and put it in it's new home. We will be keeping it in a covered electric slip off the Colorado River that feeds right into the Matagorda Bay system.

Kids in tow we took off down the river to break her in. We enjoyed a dinner of sandwiches and greek pasta salad while floating on the river and watching the sun go down. The fish started schooling up around us right at dark and we took the opportunity to put in a few cast. Reaching for a spook and getting it out the kids quickly decided it was time for them to work the lure in. With a little assistance they had fish hitting it in no time! In the few minutes we had to fish before the mosquitoes came out in full force a memory was made and a life lesson was reiterated.

Kids do not need an elaborate all day charter trip, the most fish they've ever caught, and perfect weather to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Simply casting a top water at some fish with the sun going down for 5 minutes with their parents on board was a great trip. So many times in life we exert so much effort in making the situation perfect before we decide to take our children into the outdoors. We want the best for them at every circumstance so it will be the best experience ever. Well that is in our eyes. In their eyes I truly believe it doesn't have to be what we perceive to be needed. They just need an outside activity, a little creativity, and their family to enjoy it with. It truly is the small things that matter in life. So let's all quit trying to plan the absolute perfect trip, and just take our kids outdoors even if just for a moment.

About Me.

My name is Jeremy Compton.  I grew up hunting and fishing all over Texas.  I now get to enjoy that with my family.  We hunt and fish, a lot.  You should too.  

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