Sow Fest Has Begun

It's official.... Sow Fest has begun. We began our quest to find the latest and greatest spots on East Matty yesterday evening and it did not disappoint. The bite was slow as expected with the solunar showing it to be just a 1 star day and the major feeding times in the morning. We caught the end of a minor and hooked up on a few fish before the bite died. This 27.5" trout caught by Haley has kicked off the season for Sows. She was a healthy 13" girth fish caught in thigh deep water on the windward side of the bay on artificials. Scott Rotge accompanied us on the trip and strategically reminded Haley of the amount of Bull Sharks that should be here as he and Haley waded through chest deep water. We name areas we target from fish or lures we catch or use while there. This honey hole we found from using Google Earth has it all. Shell, mud, sand, grass, color change, ridge for wind break, really just a great 1 acre sized spot. It has been dubbed Pig Pen and is a well deserved name. Now that we have an early jump on Sow Fest this year we are looking forward to the next 5 months in attempt to land the 30" on artificials. We will take 27.5" all day though! Let the games begin.

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My name is Jeremy Compton.  I grew up hunting and fishing all over Texas.  I now get to enjoy that with my family.  We hunt and fish, a lot.  You should too.  

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