Blas Reyes Ranch Oct. 2016

We packed up and traveled down to see Grant and Jennifer in Carrizo "Spings" as their hats say this last weekend. They live on the Blas Reyes Ranch which is a beautiful 10,000 acre property that he manages. It is always good to see them and get to ride around the ranch. Getting the kids outdoors is a plus and they love it down there. They have recently completed their 1000 yard shooting range and it is FANTASTIC! Molls got the first go at shooting long range and did not disappoint. Mclean, Kelly, and their daughter Riley were also there and he had brought some of his custom rifles that Molly got the chance to shoot. She reached out to a 1000 yards with no issue and I believe is hooked on long range shooting. It is hard not to be when you get to shoot quality equipment and do it on a range that nice. My 300 WM with the new 200 gr ELD-X reached 1000 easily and we got the dope on it worked out. It rang the 12" plate several times at 1000 and that's always a good feeling. Both nights we were there we darted bucks in the pens and transferred them to other areas. Getting to put your hands on a alive and well 200" class deer is truly an opportunity many don't get. We moved them, taped them out, gave them a heavy dose of vitamins, and turned them loose in their new homes. Grant and I sat a few times and got to see some of their absolute beast of deer he has produced from scratch on that place. The hard work and good management is paying off and I will put that ranch next to any for pure South Texas Bucks. The kids logged about 100 miles of Ranger time and managed to see all sorts of wildlife. As Dale put it, "This is a great place to see nature". It was a great trip and we can't wait to get back down there. Also, sorry to announce ladies that Jace has also been taken off the market. Mclean and I have arranged for him and Riley to be wed when the age is reached! Here is the video of the weekend.

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