East Matty Is Hitting

We have been hitting East Matagorda Bay almost once a week and its getting good. The sunsets are almost as good as the fishing. The fish are piled up close to the exits of the bay and in the Marsh areas still. Water temp has been 76-80 still with the hot afternoons the past few weeks. We are expecting the temps to start to drop this next month and push the remaining small bait from the system. There are a lot of reds in there and they are biting. Most fish are being caught on chicken on a chain paddle tails and black and silver mud minnows. Mud to Shell transitions are the hot spots. We are hanging some flounder too. Green split tail plastics worked on bottom seems to be a good starting point.

About Me.

My name is Jeremy Compton.  I grew up hunting and fishing all over Texas.  I now get to enjoy that with my family.  We hunt and fish, a lot.  You should too.  

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