Ivy Ranch Trip 2016

One of my favorite times of the year is the yearly trip to the Ivy Ranch. What began as a guys hunting trip 12 years ago has turned into a family tradition that we look forward to every year now. A truly special place the Ivy ranch is as good for the adults as it is for the kids. Being able to hop in a buggy or ride around in the suburban and see endless game is something most kids don't get to experience. This year we spiced it up a little and put a 20" x 24" steel plate target on top of the hill in front of camp. Due to bets to be made in the future the exact yardage won't be disclosed but its in the 700 yard range. We rang it with my 300 and Mark's and set the stage for many camp bets to happen for years to come. We caught a cold front right when we arrived and it brought the animals out in full force. Molls was able to shoot a whitetail buck with Ava and Dale in the stand which involved musical chairs and some finesse to make happen.

Ava was next up and landed her biggest buck yet, an old 10 point. Well he was 5 pts after they loaded him because one of his horns fell off! haha it happens. She's actually holding one of the horns up to him in this picture.

Dale and Papa Ron then got an old whitetail together which is not actually believable but it did happen.

This is why I say its not believable.....


Barrett knocked down two whitetail bucks with some sharp shooting on a few hunts with Brent as well.

Ava got a blackbuck at the end of the hunt that was her first exotic and it was beautiful.

I was denied a shot at a 7 point axis buck from the back of the suburban one evening due to my wife and our mount situation at the house. After some selling at the camp that night we went after him the next evening. He was a mid 30's axis with an extra 10" point on his right side. We found him finally a ways from where we had seen him the previous day with another group of axis. A fairly easy shot presented itself with him walking at about 175 yards, I braced on the hood, squeezed, and a hit..... well not really. 2 hours of searching with dogs and no blood, no one saw the axis after I shot, and nothing to even remotely show a hit we gave up. Confused I came back to camp and shot my gun. It was dead on. Fast forward to a week ago. I take my rifle to grants and its shooting 1 ft groups at 200 yards. Missing steel at 700 by 5 ft?!!??!? At least an explanation to the axis happened. My rifle is headed to HCR to get rebarreled. I have had issues with it being a sub 1/2" gun to missing on animals at different elevations and temps this year with no explanation. We have finally concluded its time for a new barrel and load. Hard to go from hitting 4" circles at 1000 yards this summer to 1 ft groups at 200 yards with the same load batch, but we are there and its time for some fixing. Even with the Axis debacle we had an amazing time and the kids all got to shoot some animals and spend time with our family. Molls and I are looking forward to our summer Axis trip out there and will have our Proof Research HCR 6.5 Creedmoor with a Crux suppressor here in about a month to use on that trip. We can't thank the Ivy's, Jody, and Brian enough for the week there hunting and catching chickens!

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